7 Unique ways to use Cohesive Bandage

7 Unique ways to use Cohesive Bandage

March 7, 2018
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Use it as a sweatband

When you’re tearing up the court or the course, you may find that your sweaty palms have a hard time gripping the racket/club. Don’t let that affect your game, wrap the handle in cohesive bandage for a sweat resistant grip. Along with the functionality comes the possibility of spicing up your game with fun colors and patterns.

For pet injuries

The bandage won’t stick to skin or fur, but will stay secure for as long as needed. There’s so much room for creativity and innovation, make your pet the coolest at the park with fun colors and cool designs. Ideal for dogs, cats, and horses.

Dog calmer

Believe it or not, cohesive bandage can be used to create a calming harness for your dog. Does your dog get nervous around fireworks, or new people? This wrapping style hits key pressure points that relieve anxiety and calm the nerves. It’s super simple and your pet will likely be thankful for the comforting stress reliever.


As long as you aren’t prone to embarrassment, cohesive bandage work great as a sweatband. They won’t stick to your hair and they’re sweat resistant. As an added bonus, if you’re playing against someone they may be distracted by how stupid you look, giving you the upper hand.

Tattoo care

Cohesive bandage can be used to protect new tattoos. Since it won’t stick to the skin, it won’t irritate or damage the new tattoo, but it will stay secure and keep dirt and sunlight off.

Keep shin-guards up

Have you ever been trying to enjoy your child’s soccer game but the poor kid keeps fiddling with their shin guards? They just won’t stay up! Come to the rescue with cohesive bandage. Wrap the shin-guard against the calf a few times with the bandage. It is helpful to do a few wraps on the top and a few on the bottom for best results. As a seasoned soccer player myself, I can say that this trick came in handy for many, many games.

Artwork for kids

CoEase can be used to create cool designs and pictures. It’s a unique and cost effective way to spark your child’s creativity in a way that isn’t messy or hard to clean up. A little canvas can easily be made, and shapes and objects can be cut out and stuck right to the canvas itself. With the variety of unique colors that Tempo offers, the possibilities are endless!

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