4 Tips to ease medical tape removal

4 Tips to ease medical tape removal

April 19, 2018
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The most painful part of your recovery shouldn’t be removing your medical tape. The stickiness and persistent adhesiveness is what makes it so effective when it comes to protecting an injury, but it’s also what makes it kind of a pain in the butt to remove once it’s done its job.

Before trying any of these tricks it is important to understand your injury and what is and isn’t an option for you. If you have an unhealed wound, use extra caution when removing the tape so as to not cause any more pain or damage.

4 Tips for removing medical tape as painlessly as possible:

  1. Put baby oil around the edges, and let it soak in. The tape will be easier to peel off without and won’t stick to the skin nearly as much.
  2. Rubbing alcohol is another great way to reduce pain when removing medical tape. Unless you have an open wound, then stay away from this one as it will likely burn if it gets into the wound.
  3. Take a warm wet washcloth and place it over the tape for 10-15 minutes, and slowly peel the tape back. If it is still to sticky, rewarm to cloth and try again.
  4. Take a long bath, effectively soaking the taped area. It should be a bit soggy and less adhesive, making it easier to peel off.

May your wounds heal well, and your bandages come off painlessly!


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